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16th FINA World Championships

July 24 - August 9, 2015

Rachelle Simpson: I am glad to come back to Kazan and win again

R-Sport / MIA Rossiya Segodnya
04.08.2015, 16:23 Sport
Nine female high divers performed in the 20m platform event today. US athletes Rachelle Simpson and Cesilie Carlton earned gold and silver, Yana Nestsiarava of Belarus took bronze. The medallists talked about their past, the fear they feel when standing on the tower and people who support them.

“It was pretty cold for us today. Kazan is beautiful. I won the FINA High Diving World Cup in Kazan a year ago. I was happy to come back and have another victory here. I’m definitely afraid and every time I’m up there I’m addicted to overcoming that fear. We all understand that it’s a dangerous sport and each time we experience a massive adrenaline rush. I do it because I’m really proud of myself. I feel fear every time I’m up there. Obviously if you take a bad landing it’s going to hurt. I practice yoga to try and help with keeping myself calm,” said Rachelle Simpson who competed at the Worlds for the first time.

The champion explained that she would like to compete in the Olympics, but if more women divers came into the sport it would definitely help high diving to become an Olympic sport.

“FINA and the Kazan 2015 OC did a great job. High diving is becoming a more official sport. Last year there were just tents, this year we have buildings, so everything’s perfect. I am proud to have become part of all of this,” the gold medallist said with admiration. Simpson is being cheered for by her family: her coach who has been her husband for 7 years now, and her parents who are gymnastics coaches.

“It was fun, although it was a little bit colder than last year. The dives went well and I got a new dive off. So overall I’m happy with my performance. Yes, I had to wait for scores to be announced. I don’t know what happened there. Perhaps it had something to do with the judges, but the wait certainly made me nervous. I don’t have any rituals on the tower. I think about the dive and everything I have done in training sessions. The allocation of the places is deserved. Rachelle always performs well when she feels the pressure,” Cesilie Carlton said.

The 2013 world champion noted that more girls competed here in Kazan compared to the tournament in Barcelona. Carlton has her own support team: her husband who is her coach, and four sisters. The athlete told that her parents are her most loyal fans and comment all the photos of her dives in social media.

“It was great. I’m very happy to be in Kazan; it’s a lovely city and it’s like being at home. The spectators here supported me really well and they were always cheering me on. I push everything out of my mind and I find it easier to concentrate up there at height. It’s hard to explain but heights are a pleasure for me and I want to jump,” Yana Nestsiarava said after winning bronze.

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