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16th FINA World Championships

July 24 - August 9, 2015

David Colturi: Both physical form and mental approach are essential in high diving

R-Sport / MIA Rossiya Segodnya
05.08.2015, 09:00 Sport
One of the world’s best divers, David Colturi of the USA, who placed second in the in the men’s preliminary round, revealed his impression of the 16th FINA World Championships, and commended the level of the event’s management.

 – What is your impression of the World Championships in Kazan so far?

– We are very glad that high diving is on the FINA Worlds programme. Our dream has come true, so we will start promoting it to the Olympics now. The schedule here is a little uncommon, when we came to Kazan one week ahead of the prelim, we were busy training, then after our performances in the preliminary round we have one day off and the final event starts then. It means you should always be in perfect form and not only physically. High diving is a sport that requires both physical form and mental approach. It is important to control your emotions.

– How do you stay focused?

– The ability to get relaxed in due time and to stay focused on a dive is a key factor on our way to success. I hope we have sufficient time for training before the final and I hope we will be able to improve our technical skills, correct some weak points and have some rest. During the final, we will need to keep our body on the alert, use our brains and do everything right, then we will succeed.

– What are your expectations of the FINA Worlds 2015?

– Every country here is presented by the strongest athletes, so the competition is going to be strong indeed. But it is always exciting to compete against experienced high divers. Moreover, these Championships will welcome the girls, what makes it even more important for the sport to further develop.

– It is not your first time at the Championships like this. What is your opinion in terms of the event management in general? 

– The organisation of the FINA Worlds 2015 is indeed up to the highest level; its scale is huge. I am also glad to notice that the preparation and management of high diving events are getting better every year. Kazan is a wonderful city and I like competing here. Hopefully we’ll put on a great show, represent the USA at a good level and maybe even take gold home.

– The weather is quite unchangeable these days. Do weather conditions matter to the successful execution of dives?

– You are quite right saying that it might be either rainy or windy here but to tell you the truth it is not that important. The main thing is that all the rest is organised very well. Take for instance the view, it is awesome. You can see the Kremlin and the entire city spreading before your eyes. The view is very beautiful; it definitely enjoy competing here.

– Am I right in saying that high diving is much more dangerous than 10m springboard dives?

– I cannot say that high diving is much more difficult than regular diving. We obviously risk our lives and health not just the scores. Our techniques are absolutely different because we spend much more time training; we do our best to do everything correctly and to perform each dive with maximum precision. In term of failed entries, high diving is more dangerous than regular diving but we do our best to execute everything correctly and without risk to our lives. 

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