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16th FINA World Championships

July 24 - August 9, 2015

Gary Hunt finishes first in men’s high diving preliminary round

R-Sport / MIA Rossiya Segodnya
03.08.2015, 17:20 Sport
The men's high diving preliminary round has brought various emotions today to both the crowd and the divers. The stands of the Kazanka Venue were clearly overcrowded today as everyone couldn’t wait to see the best 20 high divers of the world to perform head-spinning dives. Gary Hunt, Great Britain’s legendary diver, earned 381.80 points after three dives, which placed him first in the preliminary round.

David Colturi showed the second result (359.10), Jonathan Paredes became third, scoring a total of 350.40 points.

One of the most extreme sports is a nail-biter for the fans. Just imagine daredevils fall about 100 km/h from the 27m tower whose height is equivalent to that of a nine-storey building. If you enter the water wrong, you may get injured very seriously; literally, athletes put their lives at stake. Perhaps, that’s why competition in this sport is not so evident. After a dive every high diver was welcomed by athletes from other countries, who gave him a friendly pat on the shoulder. The participants make a big family, as they say, because they are all in the same boat risking their lives. Today they demonstrated three dives each, the degree of difficulty increasing. Among the strongest high divers, competing in Kazan, are Orlando Duque, the inaugural world champion of Barcelona 2013, and Russian Artem Silchenko, the performer of the most complex armstand dive, worldwide famous Gary Hunt and Jonathan Paredes. On August 5 the whole world will learn a new name of the Kazan 2015 world high diving champion and the holders of minor medals.

FINA Worlds 2015. High diving.

Men. 27m platform

1. Gary HUNT (GBR) – 391.80
2. David COLTURI (USA) – 359.10
3. Jonathan PAREDES (MEX) – 350.40

Kazan Arena Stadium. August 3

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