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16th FINA World Championships

July 24 - August 9, 2015

Day 9 review: Italian love story and made-in-Russia record

R-Sport / MIA Rossiya Segodnya
01.08.2015, 22:12 Sport
Day 9 of the 16th FINA World Championships was rich in sporting events. Four gold medals were contested today, but the love success of Simone Ruffini, an Italian long-distance swimmer, pushed all the results to the sidelines.

Right after his finish in the 25km open water event, the Italian athlete declared his love to his girlfriend who was present at the Kazanka Venue stands at the moment in front of the whole world. Simone Ruffini made his short but passionate speech as a new world champion already. At the last section of the distance, his willingness to prove the seriousness of his intention gave to the triumphant long-distance swimmer additional driving force.

“I’m happy to finish the distance, though I feel sorry that my friend from Italy, Simone Ruffini, relegated me to silver. I think his fiancée at the stands motivated him to come first. What is the secret of Team USA's latest victories? The thing is that when the 10km event was included onto the Olympic programme, my home country took it seriously and started investing in me,” men’s 25km open water silver medallist, Alex Meyer, noted.

FINA Worlds 2015. Open water event. 

Men. 25km

1. Simone RUFFINI (ITA) - 4:53:10.7  

2. Alex MEYER (USA) – 4:53:15.1

3. Matteo FURLAN (ITA) - 4:54:42.4

Kazanka Venue. August 1

As for Ana Marcela Kunha of Brazil, she won the women’s event in the same distance out of love to her nation that is going to host the Olympic Games next year. In Rio de Janeiro, the female swimmer will perform as a defending 25km world champion. Plus, in Kazan she added silver and bronze medals to her collection.

“I am so happy to be part of these Championships. It is my second gold medal; I grabbed the first one 4 years ago at the 14th FINA World Championships in Shanghai. There is only a year left before Rio 2016. That is why the outcome of every single event here is priceless for me; I learn something new and want to train more and more!" said happily the world champion from Brazil.

FINA Worlds 2015. Open water swimming.

Women. 25 km.

1. Ana Marcela CUNHA (BRA) – 5:13:47.3

2. Anna OLASZ (HUN) – 5:14:13.4

3. Angela MAURER (GER) – 5:15:07.6

Kazanka Venue. August 1

The Russian synchronised team had a real triumph at the domestic World Championships, having won gold medals in the free combination event. For the synchronised swimming pool hosts, it was their eighth victory in the tournament, which is an all-time record for this sport. It was achieved partially thanks to the introduction of mixed-gender duets, a new event in the programme where Tatiana Pokrovskaya's team got hold of two medals, gold and silver.

Realising that it was their last chance to talk to the leading female synchronised swimmers, the journalists did not lose such a unique opportunity and asked Maria Shurochkina... about Nyusha, a famous Russian pop singer and Kazan 2015 Ambassador. The point is that Nyusha is the famous athlete's sister.

“Could have Nyusha ever become a synchro swimmer? Theoretically every single person can do it. Once my sister and I even tried some elements out in the water, she was good at it. It takes years and years of trainings to be part of the national team. And we shouldn’t forget that she’s been pretty busy with her own life as a singer. Yes or no? I guess if she had trained in our team for 15 years or so, she would have achieved good results,” Maria Shurochkina said with a smile.

Women’s free combination.

1. Russia – 98.3000

2. China – 96.2000

3. Japan – 93.8000

Kazan Arena Stadium. August 1

Traditionally, Chinese divers achieve good results at world championships. It was like that today too when a Chinese female athlete won the 3m springboard event. It was Shi Tingmao who, in the pursuit of gold, overtook her compatriot He Zi. Considering that the third place was taken by Tania Kagnotto of Italy, one can only envy those spectators who had a chance to see these diving celebrities in action with their own eyes. Given the start-studded list of competitors, today the Aquatics Palace hosted one of the most thrilling diving events.

“We showed ourselves off 100 percent; we gave everything we could, demonstrated everything we had worked on during our training sessions. Every round was long enough to get exhausted in the end. I think we can now relax a bit. I am about to perform my dives with the same degree of difficulty even though I would really want to improve them a bit, to make my dives perfect. In the future I see them more elegant, more well-honed,” world champion Shi Tingmao said at the press conference.

FINA Worlds 2015. Diving.

Women. 3m springboard.

1. Shi TINGMAO (CHN) - 383.55

2. He ZI (CHN) – 377.45

3. Tania CAGNOTTO (ITA) - 356.15

Aquatics Palace. August 1

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