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16th FINA World Championships

July 24 - August 9, 2015

Aurelie Muller: In the middle of the race I realised that I could win the first place

R-Sport / MIA Rossiya Segodnya
28.07.2015, 14:53 Sport
The women’s 10km open water champion and runners-up of the 16th FINA World Championships took questions from journalists after the awarding ceremony.

“The FINA Worlds are well organised, and quite possibly it’s one of its key benefits. For me it is a special victory because it is the first time in my sports career that I won gold at such a high-profile event. Did I have any strategy in mind? It was very easy for me to go in the lead pack in the first half of the swim, but then I felt I could step up and make a breakthrough, now leading the pack. Why not? I am glad it ended the way I thought. Do we use our gadgets during training sessions? No, during training sessions we swim,” the French winner Aurelie Muller joked.       

“I am truly happy because I just wanted to get to the top ten, but eventually I made it to the top three. I am also happy for Aurelie Muller because back there in France the same coach used to train us. Are we about to keep on training together? Yes, of course! Although we do not practice together a lot for the reason that sometimes we happen to work on different elements: one of us is improving her stamina while the other is bettering her speed,” said Sharon Van Rouwendaal of the Netherlands, the silver medallist of today’s event.

“I am happy! It’s been an exciting race! I’m glad to get qualified for the Summer Olympic Games; they are going to be held in my home country.  It’s a huge event for me, for Brazilians, for Rio de Janeiro, for the entire Brazil. Is the course ready there? Yeah, no problem with that. There is a long open water course which stretches along Copacabana Beach. Since the preparation of all the venues in Rio de Janeiro is about to end there should be no worries at all,” Ana Marcela Cunha, the bronze medallist, assured journalists.

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